Sweet & Sassy

Innocent Bystander –Moscato Rose,
Les Bourgeois – LaBelle Vignoles,
Pacific Rim –Riesling,
New Age – White Blend

Big & Bold

Hess ‘Allomi’ –Cabernet Sauvignon
La Spinetta ‘Il Nero di Casanova’ – Sangiovese
Troublemaker –Red Blend,
D66 ‘Others’ – Grenache

Bubbly & Bright

Bonny Doon ‘Le Pousseur’ –Syrah
Disruption – Red Blend
MacMurray –Pinot Noir
Joullian – Zinfandel

West Coast Tour

Hess ‘Allomi’ –Cabernet Sauvignon/i>
La Spinetta ‘Il Nero di Casanova’ – Sangiovese
Troublemaker –Red Blend,
D66 ‘Others’ – Grenache

Around The World

Ipsum – Verdejo,
J Vineyards – Pinot Gris,
Poggio Anima – Pecorino,
Domaine de Vaufuget – Vouvray

Tour The World

Felino – Malbec
Copain – Pinot Noir
Tarapack Gran Riserva – Carmenere
Marques de Riscal Reserva ‘Rioja’ – Tempranillo

White Counterparts

Orin Swift ‘Mannequin’ – Chardonnay,
Thomas Pico ‘Chablis’ – Chardonnay,
Cliff Lede – Sauvignon Blanc,
The Crossing – Sauvignon Blanc

Red Counterparts

Silver Totem – Cabernet Sauvignon
Scaia ‘Torre Mellotti’ – Cabernet Sauvignon
Proletariat ‘BdX’ – Merlot
La Conquete – Merlot

Platinum Collection

Hess, Cabernet Sauvignon & D66 ‘ Others’ – Grenache
Orin Swift ‘Mannequin’ – Chardonnay & Sleight of Hand – Riesling

Deep Eddy Vodka Retreat

Ruby Red, Lemon, Orange

Peat and Repeat

Oban, Lagavulin, Ardbeg

J. Rieger Showcase

Gin, Kansas City Whiskey, Vodka

The Macallan Experience

Macallan 10 yr. Macallan 12 yr. Macallan 15 yr.

Old Forester’s Family

Signature, ‘1920’, ‘1970’

Somm Select

Castarede Armagnac, Angels Envy Rye, Glenlivet

A Gin Revival

St. George, Botanist, Hendricks

Bourbon Lovers Tequila

Bourbon Lovers Tequila

Gregarious Glenfiddich

14 yr, 15 yr, 18 yr

Wine Lovers Tequila

Codigo: Silver, Reposado, Anejo

Hills of Glenmorangie

Quinta Ruban (Port Cask) 12 yr, Lasanta (Sherry
Cask) 12 yr, Nectar D’Or (Sauternes Cask) 12yr

Rendevous with Rums

Cana Brave Reserva Aneja, Mount Gay Eclipse
Havana Club Anejo Classico

A Round of Ryes

Slow & Low, Journeyman Last Feather Rye,
Hudson Manhattan Rye

Liquid Love

Chamboard, Frangelico, Godiva Dark

A Walk with Woodford

Reserve, Rye, Doubleoaked

Grandma’s Collection

Grand Marnier, Raspberry Peach, 100yr. old

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